Practice / Coaching Days for 2022 QLD State Championships

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Here are the SCFS and AAC aerobatics practice / coaching days (in our Robin R2160 or your own aircraft) scheduled at Gympie Airfield and Watts Bridge Airfield leading up to the 2022 Qld State Championships on 22-24 July 2022 at Watts Bridge Airfield. Pilots please note, attending the AAC practice days at Watts Bridge and entering the QLD State Championships will require you to be current AAC Qld members.

This year the SCFS Gympie Coaching Days are open to non-SCFS pilots. ALL aerobatics pilots and their their flying machines, at ALL levels of skill and experience are welcome. So please don't think you are not good enough to be coached! No matter how bad your aerobatics are, our coaching days will make you improve!

NOTE: A Practice / Coaching day will be cancelled if less than four pilot have paid the registration deposit at least one week in advance. So please decide and book early! Don't leave it until it's too late!

SCFS Practice / Coaching days will be held from the SCFS hangar facilities at Gympie Airfield. Get expert coaching on all your aerobatic maneuvers, sequence energy management etc. The program will be the same as previous years, Coaching sessions, 2 x 15 min each (depending on numbers) followed by a one round 'mini-comp' flying the 2022 Graduate or Sportsman sequences. The flight program for each SCFS Coaching Day will be available 3 days in advance. There is a $50 entry booking deposit for SCFS days at Gympie and a $100 deposit for the AAC days at Watts Bridge (for SCFS pilots registration fees will be credited to your aircraft hire charges for each day you book). Entries will close one week before the date of each practice day..

Note: We will schedule more practice / coaching days in August and September 2022 for pilots wishing to compete in the 2022 National Aerobatics Championships in October at Temora.

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