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RAAus Instructor Rating -Training Course

  • The Sunshine Coast Flying School is an RAAus Approved Instructor Training Facility.
  • Instructor training courses (minimum 2 students) are run by our CFI, Colin Appleton 'on demand' throughout the year.
  • In addition to being an experienced RAAus CFI and Senior Instructor, Colin Appleton is one of Australia's most experienced instructors in aerobatics, spin recovery and emergency manoeuvre training.
  • Like all flight training, our Instructor Rating Course is competency based so actual costs will depend on aptitude and learning rate. The minimum course requirements set by RAAus are 30 hours ground school and 20 hours dual instruction. Minimum cost is therefore around $8,500.00 per person based on training conducted in our Sting Carbon RG Turbo aircraft. This includes RG and CSU endorsements if required!
  • All Instructor Dual Flight Training is conducted from Gympie Airfield (YGYM). The full-time Ground School portion can be conducted at a number of convenient classroom locations on the Sunshine Coast to suit student needs as required.
  • Course pre-requisites: your experience / min hours must be in accordance with current RAAus Operations Manual requirements.
  • A course deposit of $350.00 is payable before the ground school component commences, and the balance will be invoiced on completion of the ground school component. The flight training component can be paid per day / flight at the end of each days flying.
  • Call us for more information or select your preference from above and we'll contact you!

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