Corona Virus “COVID-19” Pandemic Update 26/04/20).

The health and safety of our visitors, student pilots, adventure flight customers, instructors and staff is our primary concern. We have therefore taken the following steps to minimise the risks of spreading COVID-19 through our normal flight training activities:

(1) Our aircraft interiors and controls will be cleaned with disinfectant spray and wipes after each flight.

(2) In the confined space of the aircraft cockpit our instructors will wear P2 / N95 or specially modified respirator masks. 

(3) we will spray and wipe down all common areas and briefing rooms at the beginning of each day and after each student briefing.

(4) We have placed hand sanitiser in common areas and there are soap dispensers in the toilets.

(5) Our school headsets will be thoroughly sanitised and the mic wind guard washed after each flight, however, we recommend that students flying regularly purchase their own headset.

(6) Cash will no longer be accepted. Contactless credit / debit cards, ‘Pay Wave’ and EFT payments only until further notice.

(7)  We require all who use our facilities and fly our aircraft to have the COVIDSafe app installed on their phone.  (Note: There’s been a lot of media concerns that this app will be a threat to your privacy.  Our informed view is that the app does not use GPS to track or store your location or see / use any personal data other than your name, postcode and mobile phone number (Google apps. Facebook, Instagram and other chat and social media apps that you probably have on your phone present a much greater threat to your privacy!) 

We request everyone using our facilities and aircraft to act responsibly i.e. cancel your flying and stay at home if you have been in unprotected close contact (less than 1.5m) with others outside your family isolation group or if you have any, even minor, symptoms of what could be the COVID-19 virus.