Defence Force - Pilot Selection Preparation Training

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Australian Defence Force - Pilot Selection Preparation Training.

The School's Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and co-owner, Colin Appleton, is one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructors. He holds a CASA Part 61 Instructor Rating, with Flight Activity and Design Feature Training Endorsements and specialises in teaching Basic Aerobatics, Competition Aerobatics, Spin Recovery and Emergency Manoeuvre (EMT) training. To read why pilots should learn these skills CLICK HERE

  • ADF Pilot Selection Prep. Course - Click Here for Course Information - 'Advance Purchase Option' (includes 5 hours dual training over 2 days, all classroom briefings with reference notes, fuel surcharges, and all landing fees - Save $$, pay now: $2,549.00 incl GST)- Or, if you prefer to find out what it's like before committing to the full course, we have a 1st lesson option, read on ....
  • ADF Pilot Selection Prep. - 1st Lesson - If you are unsure you will be able to cope with our 5 hour ADF Prep Course, this '1st lesson option' will expose you to high G forces, unusual attitudes and having to perform in high pressure situations, that you will encounter during ADF Pilot Training. (includes a 60 minute dual flight, classroom briefing with reference notes, fuel surcharges and all landing fees - $526.00 incl. GST. Following on from the '1st lesson' you can then choose to continue per lesson, 'pay as you fly' OR save $$ and choose our Advance Purchase Option for the full course.

* Our Aircraft and Flight Training at Caloundra Airfield operates from our partner's facilities - GoFly Aviation

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