Learning to fly! – You want to become a pilot and now you are choosing a flying school.  This is not that easy and you have many choices in the Sunshine Coast area.

You should consider:

  • Flying schools with more than ‘one type’ of training aircraft as this will give you the opportunity early in your training  to adapt your pilot skills to different aircraft types.

  • Compare the school’s course syllabus, number of instructors, their qualifications and experience.  Then check the age, quality, number and diversity of training aircraft available.  Also, check if they have the approvals to conduct more advanced training and conversions to a GA Pilot’s license after the Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) Course.

  • If your goal is a career in the ADF or airlines, learning in a professional, controlled airspace environment, like the Sunshine Coast Airport may seem advantageous.  However, the airport is very busy and expanding to cater for international airline flights.  Expect runway clearance holding to continue to increase, with delays  adding the cost of 10-15 minutes of every lesson.  Instead consider choosing a flying school that’s based at a smaller uncontrolled airport where you will still be able to learn to fly in the neighboring controlled airspace environment, but far more cost effectively!

  • If your goal is a career in the airlines, you may be attracted to flying schools that offer an approved VET Fee integrated course.  These can be very attractive as our government is funding your training.  However, you could incur significant debt (perhaps more than $100,000) that you WILL have to pay back through later earnings!

  • Be cautious of flying schools that quote a low ‘fixed price’ for their RPC Course.  These prices are usually based on the legal minimum number of flight hours required. The price looks attractive but you will almost certainly pay for additional lessons to complete the course to the required standard.

  • Choose a school that will let you pay ‘as you go’ after each lesson or at the end of each days flying. If you have paid in advance and change schools or your circumstances change you may not get a full refund.

  • In summary, check and compare carefully and never choose your flying school based on ‘lowest price’ alone!

                         Ready to Fly??

At Sunshine Coast Flying School

  • Instructors are experts in making the learning process ‘fun’ and allowing each student to progress at their own rate as well as being flexible with family and work commitments.

  • There is no upper or lower age limit to start lessons, from 15 years old you can fly solo and hold a Recreational Pilot Certificate. It is also very common for retirees to take up the challenge to become a fully qualified pilot!

  • No up front fees, just pay for your first lesson here on the website then ‘pay as you go’ after each lesson.  Our RPC course, FAQ’s, prices, financing options and more are explained in our  INFORMATION PACK

You can learn to fly with us, ‘really FLY’ and much more!

  • Our Advanced Pilot Certificate (RPC) Course syllabus covers much more than the minimum content offered by most flying schools. Check  our COMPARISON TABLE.   When you have been awarded your Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) you can add further endorsements, like Navigation, and have the option to apply to CASA for a Recreational Pilot’s License (RPL).  If you are keen to develop your skills to the next level, you can learn advanced pilot skills with our highly qualified and experienced instructors that other schools ignore because they don’t have spin and aerobatic capable training aircraft.


Getting Started

Are you ready to learn to fly? it's simple, just take that first step! Hit the button and you are on your way to becoming a qualified pilot with your very First Flying Lesson (or first two lessons if you choose our Student Pilot Starter Kit) You will be directed to our online store where you can select and pay for your First Lesson or Student Pilot Starter Kit.