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(1) Your First Flying Lesson

This is not a short “Trial Introductory Flight”!

  • This is the real thing! YOU fly a real aircraft yourself, with an experienced instructor beside you all the way. You will have a classroom briefing then take the controls in our beautiful Viper SD4, or Sling 2 aircraft. Both are sleek, modern and safe aircraft with full dual controls and a fabulous view of the beautiful Sunshine Coast region below you. (Note: flight training from Caloundra is through our partners, GoFly Aviation)
  • Included in your First Flying Lesson is a 40 minute classroom briefing (Effects of the Controls) with reference notes provided. This is followed by a 60 minute lesson in one of our modern, comfortable and safe training aircraft. This includes your instructor, fuel, any applicable fuel surcharges and all landing fees. Your instructor will have you climbing, turning and descending the aircraft all by yourself in no time at all, an exciting experience you will always remember!
  • There is no lower or upper age limits to taking flying lessons, but you have to be minimum 15 years old to fly solo or hold a Pilot Certificate. At the other end of the age spectrum, learning to fly is a great activity for retirees looking to stay active in mind and body! All that's required is to be in good health and to be 'young at heart'.!
  • Get set for the excitement of taking the controls and the feeling of what it’s like to really fly an aircraft! This is the first full lesson in our training syllabus for the Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC). It will give you the opportunity to find out if “Learning to Fly” is for you! The RPC is the first 'stepping stone' for those wanting to learn to fly for fun and for a career. Talk to your instructor about how the RPC opens up various pathways to a career in the airlines or the ADF. There is no obligation to continue with further lessons however, if you decide to continue you are still eligible to purchase a Student Pilot Starter Kit and save on the 'start-up costs' of your training or save even more with our "RPC Course - Advance Purchase Option, see details below. Read our INFORMATION PACK for more on our Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) course syllabus, estimated costs and much more!

First Flying Lesson Price - $440.50 Incl. GST

(2) Student Pilot Starter Kit:

Enjoyed your 'First Flying Lesson' and want to continue? Or have you already decided you are going to become a pilot and want to get straight into our RPC course syllabus? If so, our “Student Pilot Starter Kit” is the perfect way to get you setup with the essentials and on your way to becoming a pilot. Treat yourself, or buy the perfect gift for ‘someone special! Young or 'young at heart' it’s never too soon or too late to learn to fly. Our “Student Pilot Starter Kit” makes it easy to get you equipped with all the essentials you will need to undertake your initial flight training on a 'pay as you fly' basis. Or read below to save $$$ with our RPC Course Advance Payment Option!

The “Student Pilot Starter Kit” includes:

  • CASA Approved Pilot Log book (value $45.00)
  • Theory Text Book (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) (value $99.00)
  • Your first 2 hours of Flight Training in our Viper, Sling or Sting aircraft, incl. landing fees and fuel surcharges (value $740.00)
  • Two x 45 minute Classroom Theory Briefings, including student reference notes (value $130.00)
  • Option to have HD video recordings, with full audio, of each lesson. (value priceless!)
  • Free Membership to the Sunshine Coast Flying Club, an exclusive club for our pilots (value priceless!)
  • Access to our extensive "Student Resource Area" with hundreds of aviation reference and training documents and much more! (value priceless!)
  • 6 months free membership to the 'Gympie Aero Club', a great way to meet fellow aviators in a friendly environment (optional annual subscription is $66.00)

Total Price – Individual Items : $1,047.00

Starter Kit Price: $947.00 (You save $100.00)

(3) RPC Course - Advance Purchase Option (Save $$$)

Have you made up your mind to do the full Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) course? Then this option will save you over $400.00 on the 'pay as you fly' RPC flight training costs, when you purchase 25 hours of lessons in advance. This includes 20 hours of dual lessons, 5 hours of supervised solo flights, all classroom briefings and reference notes, theory textbook, CASA approved pilot logbook, exam fees (1st attempt), fuel surcharges, and landing fees. The course is competency based but experience has shown us that this is the average number of flying hours required to successfully complete our Recreational Pilot Certificate course and become a qualified pilot, assuming a student with a normal 'rate of learning' completing 2 x 1 hour lessons per week throughout the course. For 'fast learners' or semi full-time students it is possible to achieve the RPC in less than 25 hours (leaving credit for some private flights) but it may take a few more hours than this for some students, especially if they have gaps in their regular training due to sickness, family or work commitments etc. Call us before purchasing if you have any questions.

RPC Course - Advance Purchase Option - Total Price $10,725.00 Incl. GST

(4) RPC + Navigation (X Endorsement) - Advance Purchase Option (Save $$$$)
There seems to be a lot of focus placed on the RPC as the main 'goal' when learning to fly, however, we think it's better to combine the RPC and Navigation Courses. Then you are qualified to fly anywhere in Australia, in un-controlled airspace! Plus our Advance Purchase Option for our RPC + Navigation integrated course (43 hours flight time) will save you over $1,000.00 in training costs when compared to the 'pay as you fly' option.

RPC + Navigation - Advance Purchase Option - Total Price $16,950.00 Incl. GST

Please Note:
  • For the 'Advance Purchase Option' your payment will be credited to your personal flying account. It does not expire but we do ask you to commit to the course by booking regular lessons and avoiding long gaps in your training towards your RPC flight test. Your instructor will work with you to plan your lessons on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Persons under 18 years of age will require a parent or guardian authorisation prior to their first flight.
  • Your flight purchase / gift certificate does not expire, but is subject to any future price increases. All purchases are non-refundable but fully transferable. Just call us to change the booking name!
  • The purchase / Gift Certificate for your ‘First Flying Lesson’ does not expire but we do ask that a flight is booked within 180 days from date of purchase. . Just call us on 07 56606525 or email: admin@sunshinecoastflyingschool.com.au, quote your order number and book a date and time for your lesson! We are open 7 days per week!
  • Persons under 18 years of age will require a parent or guardian authorisation prior to their first flight.
  • To continue with flying lessons, you can purchase our 'Student Pilot Starter Kit' to get you setup with the essentials you will need. Ongoing lessons are then charged at our Standard Aircraft Hire Rates. Just ‘pay as you fly’ after each lesson, OR Save $$$$ with our 'Advance Purchase Options'.

Recreational Flight Training conducted at Gympie (Kybong) Airfield is administered by Gold Coast Sports Flying Training

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