Upset Prevention / Recovery (UPRT) & Spin Prevention / Recovery (SPRT) Courses

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UPRT and Spin Prevention / Recovery

The School's Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and co-owner, Colin Appleton, is one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructors. He holds a CASA Part 61 Instructor Rating, with Flight Activity and Design Feature Training Endorsements and specialises in teaching Basic Aerobatics, Competition Aerobatics, Spin Recovery and Emergency Manoeuvre (EMT) training. To read why pilots should learn these skills CLICK HERE

We are the Sunshine Coast Training Campus for the Australian Aerobatic Club and encourage our aerobatics course graduates to play an active role in state and national competitions. Under the training syllabus developed by CFI, Colin Appleton, the Sunshine Coast Flying School has produced more State and National Aerobatics Championship pilots than any other flying school in Queensland! He is also a highly skilled and experienced Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and Instructor Trainer (IT)

If you have any questions regarding flight training at the Sunshine Coast Flying School, MESSAGE COLIN to arrange an informal one-on-one chat with him or one of his Senior Instructors.

In summary, the Sunshine Coast Flying School offers the most comprehensive RAAus and specialist GA training courses available in Queensland, from a choice of locations along the Sunshine Coast! (NOTE: This course is also available to RPC holders, however, an RPL or higher is required for the issue of AERO and SPIN license endorsements (For RAAus Pilot Certificate Training - CLICK HERE)

Courses / Training Flights Available:

  • Upset Prevention / Recovery (UPRT) 1 Day Course (UPRT) - (Includes 3 hours dual training, 2 x long briefings, course reference notes, fuel surcharge and landing fees - $1,578.00 inc GST). Pay booking deposit, then pay at the end of the course, or pay in advance (3 hours) and save $100.00!)
  • Spin Prevention & Recovery (SPRT) 1 Day Course (SPIN) - (video bad language warning!) (CASA SPIN endorsement issued on successful completion. Includes 3 hours dual training, 2 x long briefings, course reference notes, fuel surcharge and landing fees - $1,578.00 Incl GST - Pay booking deposit, then pay at the end of the course, or pay in advance (3 hours) and save $100.00!)

  • Combined SPRT and UPRT Course - combine the above into one full-time course, includes 5 hours dual training over 2 days, 3 x long briefings, course reference notes, fuel surcharge and landing fees - $2,630.00 incl. GST - Pay booking deposit, then pay at the end of the course, or pay in advance (5 hours) and save $150.00!
  • Check It Out! - Can you cope? - if you are not sure you will be able to physically cope with the unusual attitudes, G forces and disorientation on the above courses, this flight will tell you! - $547.00 Incl. GST - (includes a 1 x 1 hour Intro lesson, long briefing, reference notes, fuel surcharge and landing fees)
  • Competition Upright and Inverted Spinning - call us!
  • SPRT and / or UPRT - In your aircraft - call us!

Colin's advanced pilot skills training courses include spin recovery and aerobatics endorsement courses which are among the best available in Australia and far exceed the scope of the CASA Manual of Standards. They will increase your pilot skills and understanding of the full flight envelope, making you a more confident and safer pilot. Your training is conducted in the fantastic Robin R2160, a modern fully aerobatic trainer with side-by-side seating.

Note: Course flying hours & prices shown above are estimates! - All training is competency based so course prices quoted are estimates based on average learning rates. Additional (or less) training may be required to achieve the required competency for the issue of a license endorsement.

Pilots - ask yourself the following:

  • Are you a pilot that gets nervous easily or suffers motion sickness in turbulent conditions?
  • Are you confident you could recover safely from a sudden and violent turbulence induced unusual attitude?
  • Are you confident you could avoid loss of control and recognise / prevent a spin / spiral after losing VMC in deteriorating weather conditions?
  • Are you confident you could quickly recognise and initiate the correct recovery from a spin or spiral dive with the current level of training you have received?
  • Do you secretly lack confidence in your piloting abilities, feeling your training was not adequate and you should be a more capable and confident pilot, but you have your license so say / do nothing about it?

  • We believe that EVERY pilot, as a minimum, should be trained to confidently perform a wingover turn, recover from unusual attitudes, wing drop stalls, stalls in a step turn, incipient and fully developed spins. Sadly in most civilian flying schools these topics are not part of the basic pilot training syllabus. Therefore capable training aircraft are not available and student pilots (like their instructors before them) are only taught to fly confidently in two dimensions while we all fly in three dimensional airspace. The focus of training at most flying schools is to teach pilots to “fear and avoid” unusual attitudes, slow speed maneuvering, stalls and spins / spirals. Does this sound like the pilot training experience YOU have had so far?

    Then do something about it! TALK TO COLIN NOW! It could save your life! Call him on 0414 430647 or Click Here to email him.

  • Current COVID safety protocols. If you have any COVID symptoms please call us to reschedule your flight. For the latest information please go to: COVID - Latest Update

    * Our Aircraft and Flight Training at Caloundra Airfield operates from our partner's facilities - GoFly Aviation

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